Third Party Reviews

Christian V. | October 13, 2018 |

"I signed in online and the wait was about 30 minutes. So I left home and gave myself about 15 minutes extra to grab froyo near by, which was lovely. I show up at my time slot, and am told the wait is an additional 30+. Kind of annoying considering technology could easily indicate that on my phone ahead of time? Your company needs to hire an engineer stat. This is a simple fix if ppl book online. So whatever, I go to target and homegoods, which was lovely. Come back in 30... AND MY NAME IS OFF THE WAIT LIST!!! With multiple people now ahead of me for an additional 40 minute wait. And I was told the computer erased my name and sorry. I obviously don't blame the hair dresser but it's seriously annoying. Figure it out. Insanely poor customer service. A massive waste of time. The manager here needs to staff the place appropriately. I love the staff here, and have been happy with the hair cuts. But this timing thing has happened multiple times. Would love to waste less time on a precious day off."

Casey O. | September 18, 2018 |

"Went to get yet another haircut and Laya hooked it up!! She is awesome . Very kind and always having a great fun conversation. Great haircut! Thanks again Laya and the whole staff . Best place to go!"

Romie M. | September 16, 2018 |

"So I called to make an appointment to get a haircut and spoke to a stylist (Courtney). She informed me that anytime after 3pm she can take me in, so I leave my house "and keep in mind I live in Sebastopol" to arrive by 4pm. I walk in and they tell me that they aren't taking anymore appointments and that there was a sign on the door. I think the least they could have done was to call me back and inform me that they weren't taking anymore appointments for the day instead of me driving 30 mins just to get turned away. I will no longer be coming to this Sport Clips or any Sport Clips for that matter. Bad customer service."

Cesar Yepez | August 09, 2018 |

"Henedy is the best there!"

C. Jean | July 31, 2018 |

"Yay!! :"

Cupcake L. | July 21, 2018 |

"The stylist are sweet. It gets pretty busy. You can check online for wait time and even sign in."

nick o. | March 30, 2016 |

"Clean and convenient but always understaffed. The decent price and ability to pay with card is nice, but waiting over an hour for a 5 minute haircut is not chill."

Canoe Canoe | June 12, 2018 |

"Courtney is great!"

Halie G. | June 11, 2018 |

"Just left this DISASTER of a place & I never write negative reviews but this is necessary. The manager Courtney was a completely b**** & literally told me that I "need to go to a kid's place next time" in the RUDEst tone possible & walked away. I just took my 3 yr old son to get his haircut (& had my 2 ur old daughter with me). There were only 2 ladies working & we waited for almost an hour. Toward the end of my son's cut, the lady was slow but at least nice, my daughter starts to cry. I couldn't take her outside because my son was nervous so I knew he would get upset if I left. Of course I'm aware that this is not what people want to hear, but the lady was just cleaning up the back of his hair, finishing up. After a couple minutes the "new manager" COURTNEY walks over & stares at me and my crying daughter & in the nastiest most judging way says "I can't have this in my salon. Umm yeah, next time you need to go to a kids place or something" & walks away. She could've at least offered to check me out or ask the other lady if she needed any help w/ my son. & Not only was she completely rude to me, but also to the young boy who's hair she cut across from us. He asked her a couple of questions during his haircut and both times she was snappy in her responses & being rude to him. He told her he wanted it shorted on the top & she responded "umm ya I know, I'm like not even nearly done with your cut yet. But also, your mom said u wanted it long on the top so you are kind of changing what you want"... but of course she was all nice & flirty with the man who she cut and massaged before him. I know it's not really a kids place but the way that she talked to me & treated me was completely unacceptable & I hope this post deters people from going there."

Bruce Haskell | May 17, 2018 |

"I came into and waited 3 minutes before they knew I was here. Since I was a new coustomer had to answer many questions on a touch pad including phone # and name as well as e-mail address.The girl was very friendly, but asked what king of cut I wanted. I said take the bulk out of the side of my head five times! after the cut that wasn't, I was sent to another chair for a shampoo and massage. She asked me if I wanted any hair product in my hair I said no thank you, after that was asked if I wanted something to hold my hair down Since I was a senior and expected to pay 22.00, they gave me a first timer price of 25.00. Again I just came in for a haircut. Wanting to pay I had to answer again including a tip for the cut starting at 10.00. Looks like I will go back to my regular barber If you don't want to explain that you wanted a haircut,and go thru with all the questions then this is the place to go.. IF YOU WENT IN TO BUY A NEW CAR AND THE SALESMAN ASKED IF YOU WANTED A STEERING WHEEL. thats what it felt like getting a haircut"